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A Beautiful Design Experience with AirBnB

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Source: from AirBnB.com

Winter Blues?

I don’t know if anyone else is feeling it, but at this time in winter I start to anticipate the brilliant spring and summer seasons, dreaming of the sun to replenish my garden and also for it to extend our daylight. It’s hard not to allow your mind to wander to summer getaways.

This year, I took the opportunity while planning a summer getaway to stray from the usual hotel camaraderie and to instead introduce my parents to  AirBnB. After some convincing, we found ourselves that Sunday morning scrolling through the many different escapes AirBnB had to offer.

(All photos shared are from the AirBnB website and link through to their page.)

Being Introduced to AirBnB

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to yet explore AirBnB, the website offers a modern day take on a bed and breakfast.  Hosts can sign up to the site and after thorough identity checks, they lend out a room, or entire home/apartment to travelers.

AirBnB offers places to stay all throughout the world.


An Air BnB in Italy

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

While perusing the AirBnB website, we found ourselves only stopping on the homes where the host had added that extra TLC in decor. Some felt effortlessly homey and dreamy, casting the perfect setting for our dream-scape getaway.

Simple things were game changers such as letting in natural light to soften a palette of white and grey-wash walls. A feeling of cleanliness was achieved by keeping colour palettes neutral and coordinated. The really talented hosts knew when to add a splash of colour to the room, or a treasured object for added personality.


This apartment in Sweden uses a bold industrious grey tone theme throughout the apartment for a subtle and modern look.

A Catalyst for Design Inter-connectivity

The design choices are mesmerizing on AirBnB. Hosts have the chance to tie in the surrounding habitat’s strongest elements into their decor. Be it a natural wood table inspired by the dense forest surrounding, or cobble stone shower walls reflecting historic city streets, the idea of tying in surrounding elements with your design is one to appreciate.

In this Shang Hai Suite, Birchwood is cleverly placed and acts as a connection to Shang Hai’s natural surroundings.

On AirBnb each home is nostalgic of the city/place it is located in and imagination is unyielding. Not only does AirBnB provide a  platform for inter connectivity with people and places far away but it also provides the opportunity to entertain, spoil, and delight a would-be stranger through the art of home decor.

1. New York

Take this suite in New York. The exposed brick alone is a drool-worthy element in itself. The host elevates this even more by using textured, soft wood floors and placing a Charles Eames chair as a centerpiece.  Elegance with an edge in the sprawling city of New York.



2. California

A homey escape. Fresh flowers prevail a garden theme.



3. Montreal

Rustic and authentic, this Montreal loft gives you a true Quebec experience one could not come close to gaining through a hotel.
A vintage chest adds a storytelling piece symbolizing travel. The tray layered on top is a generous touch for guests.
Shower walls bring in design elements from the historic city, mimicking the cobblestone streets.


4. New Zealand

With a view reminiscent of our own Canadian Rocky Mountains, this penthouse in New Zealand takes no short cuts in indulging their guests  to a brilliant New Zealand experience.
Natural light cascades through windows creating an airy and open space.
Mixing modern patterns with cold gray tones creates interest for the eye.
The devil is in the details – subtle objects set the vintage tone for this home.


Many of the homes are simply mesmerizing in design choices and the imagination is unyielding on this vast site.  It is easy to get lost perusing the infinite homes in the world’s locations.  AirBnB is a fun way to travel and bonus is the wonderful people you get to meet along the way.  Plus you can pick up some amazing design ideas.

Happy travels.

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