Who is Nufloors?

The Nufloors story began in 2005 when a group of likeminded flooring retailers thought they could do better by working together under one name, Nufloors. Each independent owner has one equal share and vote, while benefiting from a national brand called Nufloors.

Nufloors is unique. We are a business & marketing group with the objective to maximize our individual incomes, share ideas and skills, support individual growth, and ensure that Nufloors is well respected by our customers and suppliers. 

Nufloors is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company.

Our Mission

Develop and grow as an association of independent flooring retailers across Canada.

Operate and thrive under the same dynamic brand to provide a beautiful experience to our customers.

Achieve success through exceptional service, quality selection of flooring choices, and sharing of best practices among all Nufloors stores.

Discover our winning formula.

Our proven formula has helped Nufloors become well-established with 24 locations in Canada. It allows each owner to run their own business, retain their independence, and be part of a larger group under one trusted brand.

Nufloors owners and members of our flooring franchises, standing around a counter top looking at flooring samples.

Marketing & Buying Power

By marketing ourselves under one common brand, we gain recognition in the marketplace. Working together increases our buying power with our suppliers and allows us to negotiate significant rebates.

Smart Ownership Structure

We maintain a very lean organization and management structure. As owners, we combine our efforts on key parts of the business and focus on projects that make sense to do together, rather than alone. We maximize independence as individual business owners, while enjoying cost savings.


By marketing ourselves under one common brand, we gain recognition in the marketplace. Working together increases our buying power with our suppliers and allows us to negotiate significant rebates.

Shared Expertise

By operating in different trading areas, we can openly share our expertise. At Nufloors, we help each other out and become better businesspeople through our interdependent relationships.


No one knows your market better than you. You choose the suppliers, products and programs that are right for your business. Nufloors has no auto-ship or mandated display or supplier programs that you must participate in.

Headshot of Doug Cannell of Nuflooors Salmon Arm, a member of our local flooring group, standing in front of stone tile flooring samples

Here’s what our current owners are saying.

“We set up Nufloors to help independent retailers work together as an ownership business & marketing group. Our owners are the ones who benefit the most, not a bureaucratic organization with high overheads. We run our own business in a way that suits each of our own trading areas.”
– Doug, Founding Nufloors Owner

Headshot of Ralph Winterholt, owner of Nufloors Sherwood Park, part of the Nufloors flooring franchise Canada.

Here’s what our current owners are saying.

“We are a group of spirited entrepreneurs who work together to support and learn from each other. We maintain our independence, and we don’t say what you need to buy, sell, or display. Our group leverages the power of the Nufloors brand with suppliers and consumers.”
– Ralph, Nufloors Board Director (past)

Headshot of Kaesir Istifo, a Nufloors Owner and part of the Nufloors flooring buying group.

Here’s what our current owners are saying.

“I am a sole independent owner competing against big brand name businesses. I wanted to join a group that allowed me to make my own decisions for buying and selling products. Nufloors gave me that edge, and I am happy that I have been an owner for four years now.”
– Kaesir, Nufloors Owner

Exterior building view of the Nufloors Kelowna entrance; this store is part of the Nufloors flooring group, the best flooring franchise in Canada.

Experience the many advantages of ownership.

Each store is independently owned and operated by a member of the local community. We have a strong growth plan and are now looking to expand across Canada.

Here are just some of the unique advantages that Nufloors owners can expect:

  • Canadian-owned & Canadian-focused
  • All owners are equal shareholders
  • Access to shared knowledge 
  • Leverage a strong brand reputation
  • More buying power means more access to suppliers & rebates