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City Spotlight: Kelowna

By , On , In Flooring Trends

When it comes to crafting a living space that seamlessly combines comfort and aesthetics, the choice of flooring stands as the foundation. It’s not just a surface underfoot; it’s your canvas for crafting a home that reflects your vision of style and functionality. Now, imagine all of this set against the backdrop of Kelowna, British Columbia, a city that finds its design and real estate trends uniquely shaped by the breathtaking landscapes of the Okanagan Valley, along with a vibrant community and lifestyle that’s nothing short of exceptional.

Welcome to our Kelowna City Spotlight Blog, where we’re about to embark on a journey through the latest real estate developments, interior design inspirations, and, of course, the flooring options that are topping the wish lists of Kelowna’s homeowners. Get ready to be immersed in the essence of Kelowna’s distinct charm and witness how this city’s design choices mirror the beauty of its natural surroundings and the pulse of its community. If you’re seeking the perfect blend of beauty, functionality, and style, you’re in for a treat as we uncover what’s hot in Kelowna!

Real Estate in Kelowna

Kelowna’s real estate market has become more than just a hot topic; it’s a phenomenon that’s been capturing the attention of buyers, both local and from distant corners of the globe. The city’s allure extends far beyond its stunning landscapes and vibrant community, as it emerges as a premier destination for real estate investments. Here are the exciting trends that have turned Kelowna into a magnet for potential buyers, investors, and enthusiasts alike.

  • Lakefront Living: Picture this… you wake up to the tranquil beauty and breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake right at your doorstep. In Kelowna, these lakefront homes with a serene waterfront setting are the crown jewels of the real estate market.

    Flooring Tip: To harmonize with the surrounding water and landscape, many lakefront homes opt for traditional hardwood flooring as it offers a luxurious and timeless appeal.

  • Urban Revival: The heart of Kelowna has been undergoing a remarkable transformation in recent years, attracting urban dwellers with its vibrant pulse. Downtown Kelowna is shedding its old skin and emerging as a thriving hub with many new condo developments in the works.

    Flooring Tip: In the modern downtown condos, opt for a floor that is chic and offers an inviting atmosphere. Laminate and Luxury Vinyl are often used thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance.

  • Eco-Friendly Homes: Sustainability is a growing concern in Kelowna with eco-friendly building materials, home appliances and consumer goods becoming a more popular choice amongst homeowners.

    Flooring Tip: Cork, hardwood, and tile are smart choices for homeowners looking to make an environmentally friendly selection.

  • Luxury Properties: There are a number of high-end custom homes in the area that demand the finest building materials to create an opulent ambiance.

    Flooring Tip: You will find large format tiles or natural stone in high-end custom homes such as marble, granite and travertine. You will also typically find engineered hardwood throughout these homes.

  • Investment Opportunities: As we mentioned, Kelowna attracts many savvy investors, who know the importance of resale value and understand Kelowna is a prime destination for just that.

    Flooring Tip: Properties with well-maintained and durable flooring materials tend to have a higher resale value. Studies also show that homes with real solid or engineered hardwood have a higher resale value then homes without.
the city of Kelowna from a viewpoint overlooking the city, lake and mountains.

Interior Design Trends in Kelowna

In Kelowna, interior design has taken center stage in the hearts and minds of homeowners, especially with the rise of lifestyle blogging and home décor enthusiasts (Hello Jillian Harris fans!). Here, interior designers not only recognize the role flooring plays in shaping a home’s aesthetics but also understand its crucial role in enhancing functionality. Join us as we explore how to harmoniously blend flooring choices with the city’s design trends to create captivating living spaces.

  • Open Concept Living: Step into a Kelowna home, and you’ll immediately notice the embrace of open concept living, where the kitchen effortlessly flows into the dining and living areas, creating a welcoming space for both daily life and entertaining. In these open-concept layouts, the sense of spaciousness fosters a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, making it a defining feature of Kelowna’s interior design.

    Flooring Tip: Create a sense of continuity in your space by seamlessly extending your floor from the living room to the kitchen and dining spaces. Homeowners love a durable and visually appealing choice like hardwood.

  • Neutral Colour Palettes: Kelowna’s designers understand the power of neutral colour palettes. Think soft beige, calming gray, or gentle taupe. These muted tones provide the perfect canvas to reflect the natural surroundings. With neutral hues on the walls and furnishings, your home becomes a haven that complements the breathtaking landscape, offering a soothing and harmonious living environment.

    Flooring Tip: To harmonize with the neutral colour palette, designers lean towards lighter wood tones to create a serene and inviting atmosphere.

  • Indoor-Outdoor Connection: The mesmerizing landscape has inspired a design trend that seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living spaces. During the summer, imagine your living area extending onto a spacious deck or patio, with large sliding glass doors dissolving the barriers between the inside and outside. This design approach not only capitalizes on Kelowna’s natural beauty but also enhances your daily life, creating a home that is both functional and breathtakingly scenic.

    Flooring Tip: A durable flooring material like tile is recommended for a transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.

  • Natural Materials: To piggyback off the last trend, it is not all about extending your living space to the outdoors, it is also about bringing the outdoors into your home. Embrace the outdoor elements and integrate them into your home décor and connect with the regions natural environment.

    Flooring Tip: Many flooring options already incorporate natural materials such as hardwood, natural stone, and cork.

Flooring Trends in Kelowna

Our favourite topic… Flooring! Here are the top flooring trends in Kelowna:

  • Hardwood: It is safe to say, hardwood will always be a highly sought after flooring material because of its timeless & natural beauty, durability, and the resale value it has in a home. With numerous wood species to choose from, colours and textures, there is an option for every homeowner, which will not only compliment their interior décor but the natural landscape as well.
  • Large Format Porcelain Tile: With fewer grout lines, large format tile creates a seamless look. They create an illusion of spaciousness, especially in open-concept homes, while also infusing the home with a sense of elegance.
  • Laminate: Laminate has seen a resurgence thanks to its versatility, affordability, and waterproof features, plus thanks to technology, the look and feel is more and more realistic. It is great option for condos and townhomes, as well as busy households.
  • Wide Planks: Wide planks allow you to take in the authentic beauty of natural wood, beautifully blending rustic charm with modern sophistication. The wide boards showcase the full range of the wood’s features, and their generous width contributes to the illusion of a more expansive, open environment.
  • Eco-Friendly: Kelowna residents are conscious of the environment and that extends to their choice of flooring. Cork and wood flooring options are growing in popularity contributing to a more sustainable approach.


In Kelowna, BC, flooring is a crucial element that ties together the real estate market and interior design trends. The choice of flooring materials not only impacts the aesthetics of a space but also its functionality and sustainability. As the city continues to grow and evolve, so do the flooring trends, reflecting the desires of modern homeowners and investors while staying connected to the stunning natural beauty of the region. Whether you’re by the lake or in the heart of the city, the right flooring choice can transform your living space into a masterpiece that is uniquely Kelowna.

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