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6 Tips For Decorating Your Living Room

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Wanting to give your living room an update without breaking the bank? Here are a some tips to help you create a living room and look you’ll love.

Tip 1: Layer Textures

To take your living room to the next level it is all about layering. Layering is taking each individual design element and pulling them together to form one cohesive look. It is the secret ingredient that adds depth and interest to a space. To accomplish layering, try adding a variety of materials to your space like metal and wood. Also, try contrasting your textiles such as, pillows, throws or even baskets.

Source: www.crateandbarrel.com

Tip 2: Design “Staples”

There are a number of “staples” you can incorporate into your living space that will work in almost any room. Keep these “staples” in mind when you are on your hunt for styling props. First, incorporating books is a must as well as plants or flowers to help add life to your room. Other props include throw blankets as they add warmth, comfort and texture. Trays also work well on coffee tables or shelves as they help corral various design elements together.

Source: www.urbanbarn.com

Tip 3: Make a Statement

Incorporating a statement piece or two creates a focal point and helps anchor your space. Consider a unique piece of furniture or a large piece of artwork. A fireplace is also a great natural focal point in a home and can be paired perfectly with that large piece of artwork. Keep in mind too many statement pieces can overwhelm a space so keep it simple.

Source: www.stylemepretty.com

Tip 4: The Rule of Three

The rule of three in the world of interior design states that items arranged in odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. Groups of 3, 5, or 7 work best, especially when items have various heights. Try grouping items on shelves, mantels or tables.

Source: www.purewow.com

Tip 5: Scale

It can be hard to know what furniture is right for your space. Scale is important when it comes to selecting furniture because you don’t want your furniture to be either too small or too large. This tip is important to keep in mind for when you are shopping for a rug. You don’t want to use a tiny rug in a large room – everything should be proportional.

Source: www.urbanbarn.com

Tip 6: Mix Patterns

To mix patterns you must first narrow down and coordinate your colour scheme by either pulling from one colour family or a group of 2-3 colours. This allows the patterns to play off of each other instead of clashing. You can easily incorporate a variety of patterns through artwork, blankets, curtains, rugs and more. They key to mixing patterns is to not over coordinate so everything is matchy matchy but instead creates some contrast.

Source: www.brit.co
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