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2020 Floor Colour Trends

Color wood texture palette guide

We won’t see as much dark flooring as designers and homeowners start to focus on warmer, lighter tones in 2020. In the coming year we will see a lot of blonde and white flooring options, and of course, grey is still going strong! So, without further ado, here are the top 4 floor colour trends for 2020.

Grey Flooring

It wasn’t long ago that grey flooring emerged as an up and coming trend. Some wondered if it was going to stick around or if it would only be a fad. However, grey floors, especially wood, are still a very fashionable choice as well as popular and relevant among homeowners.

The difference in 2020 from five years ago when the trend first emerged is that designers have started mixing greys and beiges, creating the ‘greige’ tone. Not only does this tone go with any style, it will add depth and dimension to your floors. Grey sets the stage for a cool and contemporary home that is also chic and trendy. Also, create a neutral backdrop with grey flooring, it makes it is easy to decorate in virtually any colour or design style.

Source: Mannington

Traditional White Flooring

See your home sparkle and shine with white ceramic or vinyl tiles in 2020. White tiles, especially in large format sizes, will instantly make your room or space feel more expansive. Also, white will go with literally any design style or colour palette, leaving you with a ton of options for furniture and décor.

The theme will be contrast so we will see luminous white tiles contrasting dark tone cabinets or white tiles setting the backdrop for a colourful and bright design. Additionally, the luxe look of white marble will continue to be huge in 2020, taking over bathrooms, kitchens and commercial spaces.

Source: Casa Roma

Blonde Flooring

As we mentioned earlier, light-airy tones are replacing the dark-espresso wood tones in 2020. Ironically, light floors were once perceived as inexpensive or outdated, but this is no longer the case. This is because blonde tones help make a room feel larger and more open, especially if you opt for a trendy wide plank in longer lengths. With blonde tones, the result is a light and timeless feel that can pair well with any decorating style.

Source: Mohawk Flooring

High Colour Variation

In nature, stone and wood are naturally inconsistent with some level of variation. With advancements in today’s manufacturing technology, tile, vinyl, laminate and engineered hardwood can replicate the natural look of hardwood and natural stone. Designers and homeowners love the natural and rustic look that higher colour variations provide. When paired with simple but contemporary décor the result is a statement floor!

Source: Armstrong Flooring
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