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What is the Best Flooring for Home Offices?

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Are you new to working from home and need to show your home office some TLC? This blog is just for you! We are sharing the best flooring for a stylish yet functional home office space, but before we get into it, here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your flooring.

The best flooring for your home office is one that coordinates with your furnishings and your day-to-day tasks. Are you on the phone a lot during your day? Consider a floor that absorbs noise such as carpet, vinyl, luxury vinyl or cork. Do you welcome clients to your home office? Think about choosing something durable and easy to maintain like luxury vinyl, tile or hardwood. If you have a swivel chair in your home office be mindful of how it moves on your floor. You’ll want something that is durable and allows for a smooth sliding movement. Either way, hard or soft surface, you may want to add a chair mat to protect your new floors.   

Magnificent Luxury Vinyl

Whether you love the look of hardwood or tile, luxury vinyl is a great, durable option for your home office. Luxury vinyl is water resistant with some waterproof options so no need to stress over spilled lunches. It is available in a wide variety of stylish options and compared to hardwood and tile, it is softer underfoot. Luxury vinyl also absorbs sound and is warm underfoot all year round!

Timeless Hardwood

If you have hardwood throughout your home you may want to install the same flooring in your home office. Hardwood is long lasting and durable. While not as warm or soft as carpet, wood is more comfortable than other home office flooring alternatives such as laminate flooring. Wood floors do not have thermal or sound insulation properties, which means it can be noisy to walk on. However, a good quality underlay or adding an area rug will help reduce sound and provide added thermal insulation. Area rugs can also be used to add warmth and softness underfoot.

Source: Shaw Floors

Cozy Carpet

If having a comfortable and cozy workspace is important to you, carpet is the answer. Carpet is a great option for individuals that also use a standing desk. Who wants to be standing on hard tile when you can have cushy carpet underfoot? Carpet is also one of the best flooring sound insulators! Design tip: A low profile carpet is ideal as it provides for easy movement with a sliding chair.

Low Maintenance Tile

Tile is durable and water resistant, so it is perfect for rolling office chairs and those unfortunate coffee spills. If ease of maintenance is a high priority, tile is the go to, especially if you have a busy household that will be in and out of your office. No matter your vision, there is a tile to achieve it. From stone to wood looks, tile covers it all.

Source: Daltile
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