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Ceramic Tile VS. Luxury Vinyl Tile

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If you follow along with our blogs, you will know how far luxury vinyl and the technology behind the flooring has come over the years. As technology develops it is becoming harder to distinguish the real flooring material from its luxury vinyl counterpart, in this case we are talking about ceramic tile. However, just because they look the same does not mean they will perform the same in your home. To better understand the differences and help you select a flooring material that is best suited for your lifestyle and needs, we have compared luxury vinyl and ceramic tile on five qualities: Look and Style, Durability and Stability, Environmental Impact, Application, and Cost.

Look and Style

If you enjoy designing your home and keeping up with interior design trends than ceramic tile may not be for you. Ceramic floors can last forever, and while that may sound like a selling feature, to some it may be a flaw. Changing with the trends just isn’t an option with ceramic tile. To begin with, it is expensive, time consuming and messy to install and remove. Not to mention, it requires the skills of a professional and expensive tools to get the job done right.

On the other hand, luxury vinyl is easy to install and replace tile-by-tile if damage occurs. Additionally, luxury vinyl is easy to cut, not requiring expensive tools, and is not nearly as time consuming to install. You can also find luxury vinyl available in a vast selection of designs and styles.

Ceramic Tile by Casa Roma
Durability and Stability

Ceramic is a hard and durable material, however there are many circumstances that can cause damage and if you are familiar with ceramic tile you will know it is a hassle to repair. In this section, ceramics biggest strength and weakness is its stability. Ceramic is not affected by moisture or environmental changes meaning it will not expand or contract. The downside of its stability is that there is no flex or give making it far more prone to cracks and other damages.

Luxury vinyl is also extremely hard and durable, but it has some degree of flex, which if an object is dropped, the flex helps absorb and dissipate the force. This results in a more cushiony floor that is less prone to cracking or breaking.

Luxury Vinyl Tile by Armstrong Flooring
Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of ceramic vs luxury vinyl comes down to the products lifecycle. Ceramic tile is the less environmentally friendly product as it is not recyclable. When ceramic tile is removed it is smashed into pieces and thrown in the landfill. Additionally, the removal of ceramic impacts the environment for which it was installed. Thick toxic clouds of dust are a result of removing ceramic tile and is harmful to breathe in and almost impossible to prevent.

Luxury vinyl is typically recyclable and can even be made from recycled material.

Luxury Vinyl Tile by Beaulieu Canada

If you are familiar with installing and removing ceramic tile you will know just how messy it is. The removal and installation can take days. Even minor tile replacements require tools, mortar and skilled professionals.

Just the opposite is luxury vinyl. Installation is simple, professionals can install luxury vinyl quickly and efficiently. Removing the floor is even easier.

When comparing the two based on their functionality, luxury vinyl comes out on top. Luxury vinyl will perform well in high-traffic commercial settings or high moisture areas like restaurants or supermarkets. It is also more comfortable to walk on unlike ceramic tile. So, when it comes to installation, removal, repair, maintenance, reliable durability and a wider range of style options, luxury vinyl is a no brainer.

Luxury Vinyl Tile by Armstrong Flooring

Depending on the size, colour and quality, ceramic tile will fall within and far above the price of luxury vinyl. Additionally, installing ceramic tile can take longer and requires a skilled and professional installer. Not only will luxury vinyl be less expensive, it offers a much higher value.

Ceramic Tile by Centura
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