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Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

Kitchen with Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors in New Luxury Home, with View of Living Room, Dining Room, and Outdoor Patio

Today you have so many choices for the flooring in your kitchen beyond adding traditional “sheet vinyl”.  You can now choose from Sheet Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl, Laminate, Hardwood, Tile or Cork.  Each offers its own unique benefits.

Below is a snapshot of what’s available today.

Sheet Vinyl

This is for sure one of your best choices for kitchens as it is the easiest to maintain.  With today’s styles, the looks mimic stone and hardwood with realistic visuals.  Add in durability and stain protection, and sheet vinyl delivers an easy to maintain traditional flooring style.  Sheet Vinyl is easy to stand on and for those “oops” moments, plates, cups, and glasses often won’t break if dropped.

Vinyl flooring is a durable option for high traffic areas.

Photo:  http://www.armstrong.com/flooring/vinyl-sheet/annabelle-tycoon-tan-resilient-vinyl-sheet-G6A66/floor-120900.asp


Sheet vinyl looks like tile flooring and brings the kitchen together.

Photo:  http://www.mannington.com/Residential/Resilient/Best-Realistique/Filigree/97172 


Luxury Vinyl

This new category delivers high end realistic looks in wood and stone styles.  Today’s styles are so real that you might have to touch the floor to see if it’s Luxury Vinyl or hardwood or stone.  Benefit of a  Luxury Vinyl floor is that it is comfortable underfoot and warm.   Bonus is that Luxury Vinyl is easy to install and is waterproof.  Perfect in kitchen applications.

Luxury vinyl in a dining room


Luxury vinyl in faux-hardwood

Photo:  http://www.armstrong.com/flooring/luxury-vinyl/gallery-oak-chestnut-resilient-vinyl-tile-U2031/floor-151714.asp



This flooring category offers low maintenance and durability at a fraction of the cost of real wood or stone.  Today’s styles offer realistic visuals.  Laminate resists stains and scratching.  Choose a brand that offers quality to protect the life of the floor.

Laminate flooring gives the look of hardwood but can be more durable.

Photo:  http://www.mannington.com/Residential/Laminate/Restoration-Collection/Arcadia/22311


Laminate flooring

Photo:  http://www.armstrong.com/flooring/laminate/forestry-mix-white-washed-wood-plank-L6620/floor-138969.asp



These floors are classic and timeless and look gorgeous in a kitchen. Hardwood is often installed throughout the home for that seamless look and can last a lifetime if well taken care of.   Choose from today’s styles available in a multitude of widths and lengths, species and colours and choose from smooth, textured or distressed finishes.  Hardwood floors are highly durable and low maintenance.  With this flooring choice your kitchen floors will never look dated.

Hardwood flooring in a kitcehn

Photo:  http://www.torlys.com/residential/products/supersolid-hardwood/supersolid-5-hardwood/


Wide plank hardwood flooring

Photo:  http://www.mannington.com/Residential/Hardwood/Hand-Crafted/Maison-Versailles/MSV07FT1



Tile can withstand heavy traffic, water and spills.   Tile flooring is probably the toughest floor available and is low maintenance. There are so many beautiful tile floors available today in various shapes and sizes.  The large format styles will minimize grout lines and can make a small kitchen look larger.  However tile floors are hard so you may want to use floor mats or area rugs in high traffic areas.  Also if a dish drops, it is likely to break on impact.  There are also many wood and stone look tile floors available today if that’s a look you are wanting.


Unique tile in the great room

photo:  http://www.tierrasol.ca/inventoryD.asp?item_no=FGANAM&CatId={58655D7C-5B72-4E10-A50B-4F23E3CBF8BA}#


Tile flooring in the kitchen accents the island and breakfast bar

photo:  http://products.daltile.com/gallery.cfm?rm=1&rmType=1&scene=693



This is our eco-friendly choice.  If you want a floor that is softer than wood, laminate or tile, and is slip resistant, this is your floor.  However this floor requires some maintenance in that cork floors need to be resealed every 3-4 yeas.   Torlys has introduced a new product called CorkWood.  They have combined the beauty of wood, the durability of laminate and the comfort of cork. CorkWood Designer comes in long and wide planks measuring 68-3/4” long x 7-1/2” wide.  CorkWood Elite comes in planks measuring 45-13/16” long x 7-1/2” wide.  This new product will be arriving at our flooring showrooms in the months ahead.

Cork can imitate many flooring materials and has great durability.

Photo:  Torlys – CorkWood

Distressed cork in the dining room


Regardless of which flooring style you choose, no floor is completely resistant to liquid.  If a spill is left for too long on the floor, it runs the risk of penetrating the floor and causing damage.  Always wipe up a spill immediately.

With all of these choices available, have fun reviewing all of the flooring options for your kitchen.  Visit Nufloors today for help in making the best choice for you.




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