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Creative Flooring Ideas

Flooring plays so many roles in your home. Not only does it provide function, as it should be able to withstand your lifestyle and whatever life throws at it, it also helps reflect your personal style and interior design. When it comes to design, creative flooring options can really help make the space your own. To help you create a space that is uniquely yours, we are sharing our top four modern flooring ideas we are sure you will love!

Engineered Hardwood

It is no surprise engineered hardwood is number one our list. It provides the best of both worlds, beauty of natural wood floors and the durability to hold up to all of life’s messes. Whether you have children or pets, you will have peace of mind knowing your floors are safe from destruction. And when it comes to style, there is no shortage of options. With so many different finishes, colours, and textures to choose from, there is an engineered hardwood that is perfect for your style and needs.

Floor Framing

Floor framing has been popular recently thanks to its ability to add architectural interest to any space, as well as provide a custom feel. Floor framing is when you create patterns around room designs. You can use floor framing to highlight a room or features in a room as well as visually separate different spaces. Examples of floor framing could be adding a border around a bathtub or framing an entryway.

Tile Patterns

Different and creative tile patterns are very much in style right now. This is because, just like floor framing, it adds a unique and custom feel that homeowners are searching for. Now, we are not talking about the beautiful, decorative, and colourful Moroccan tiles we are seeing everywhere at the moment… We are talking about a modern take on classic looks that will help elevate any space. Think outside of the box during your next tile project when it comes to the layout pattern.

Unique Shapes

This one is not new, but it is here to stay. In order to bring a fresh new approach to tile, geometric, organic, and unexpected shapes are emerging. Also, depending on the grout shade you use, you can either create a subtle effect or a bold contrasting one; You can quiet down the look or accentuate it.

Source: Ames Tile
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