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Tile Grout Guide

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Often times, grout colour gets overlooked amongst the excitement of selecting a new tile scheme. The right grout colour however contributes to the overall finished look by creating a cohesive, eye-catching unit.

Grout has the power to create completely different effects or visuals based on the colour you select. Now we know choosing the perfect colour can be a daunting task so we have created this tile grout guide to help you make the right choice.

White Tile and White or Light Grout

When you pair a white or light coloured tile with a matching grout, the entire surface blends together and the grout lines practically disappear. This pairing is perfect if you are going for a subtle look as it does not tend to draw attention.

Source: Ames Tile & Stone

When you don’t want your tile to be a feature in your space use this tile grout combo. It is great for modern designs with dramatic flairs elsewhere in the space or if you want to make a small room seem larger like the beautiful bathroom below. The walls look seamless and you avoid visual breaks that could shrink your perception of the space.

White Tile and Grey Grout

Here you will start to see contrast come into effect. The darker or lighter the grout the more or less contrast you create. A popular option is going with a soft grey grout that is a few shades darker than the tile. This makes your tile pop without shouting for attention. You will also start to reveal the shape of the tile as the grout forms a pattern out of the negative space. This is perfect for when the shape of the tile is the main feature rather than the colour or print.

Source: Domino

Another great application is when you want to call attention to an interesting tile layout like this herringbone backsplash, the grout emphasizes and helps the pattern pop.

Source: Kitchen Cabinet Kings

A go to for traditional or transitional spaces is a simple white subway tile with soft grey grout. It pairs perfectly with shaker cabinets, veined stone counter tops and warm wood floors. It’s timeless and brings a level of subtle richness.

White Tile and Black Grout

The visual focus with this combo becomes the grout itself and the patterns it creates. The high-contrast created makes the pattern of the tile much more pronounced.

Source: Contemporist

This tile scheme is perfect for high-contrast spaces where black and white is the dominant colour scheme. The dark grout adds a lot of interest to the space so use accent colours sparingly to keep the space from feeling overloaded.

Black Tile

As for white tile but the rules are reversed.

Source: Ames Tile & Stone

For a more dramatic look pair a dark or black tile with white or light grout. For a softer look pair your dark tile with a dark grout in a similar tone. To soften the look even more, choose a tile in a charcoal shade and match the grout colour closely.

Source: Ames Tile & Stone
Colourful Grout

For a truly unique look and one that adds a lot of personality to a space play with colour. This is definitely not for everyone but if you like your grout to pop and the plain black and white is just not for you, have some fun with a tinted grout. This works well when you pick a hue that is found elsewhere in your space and matches the rooms colour palette. You want to make sure it feels harmonious with your space and not coming out of no where. Also, keep in mind that your grout is not nearly as easy to replace as a coat of paint so choose wisely. Choose a colour you love and matches your space not one that is currently on trend.

Source: Domino
Colourful Tile and Gray Grout

This is where it gets trickier, pairing a colourful tile with the right shade of grout. It is tougher to tell what grout will contrast or blend in with the tile. In order to make the best choice it is important to look at the colourful tile as having a value that is separate from the intensity of the hue itself, lightness or darkness.

To help you determine the colour value of your tile take a photo of it and then in a program or app make the image black and white. When you do this, you take the hue out of the equation and you can see how light or dark the colour of the tile really is. From there you can choose a grout that either contrast or matches the value of the tile.

A gray grout close to the value of the tile will blend the grout into the background, creating an uninterrupted visual. A lighter or darker grout will subtly highlight the tile pattern however there won’t be as much contrast as there is with white tile.

Colourful Tile and White Grout

Although this sounds dramatic it actually helps tame vivid colours. Using white grout with a colourful tile helps the space feel cleaner and timeless. This pairing helps make the colour livable.

Source: Ames Tile & Stone
Colourful Tile and Colourful Grout

Already going with a colourful tile? Why not take it all the way with a colourful grout to match! Make it truly unique to you.

Source: Apartment Therapy


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