7 Ways to Update Your Space on a Small Budget

Sometimes you feel bored with your space – especially at the start of a new season! But every time you want to update your space, you can’t afford a renovation or brand new furniture. However, there are things you can do on a budget to freshen up your space and make it feel like new.

  1. Rearrange your furniture. Sometimes you don’t need to buy anything. You simply need to change your perspective by changing the placement of your furniture. Before you begin to move it all around, sketch out a quick design and measure it all out. Confirm your couch will fit on that wall before you move every stick of furniture to find it won’t fit.

Also, use pads or furniture sliders to move your furniture without harming your floors (or your back). While this tip doesn’t require any money, you do commit to a big change, because it usually means changing what is hanging  on your walls as well the furniture in your room.


Photo by Lauren Mancke, unsplash.com

  1. Buy new (or repurpose) throw pillows. Liven up your space and make your couch look completely different with new throw pillows. Play with colour, texture, size, and filling to create a pillowscape that can transform a whole room.

If you want to lessen the budget even more, make your own pillow covers and use it to cover your current pillows.


Photo by Kari Shea, unsplash.com

  1. Create an accent wall. In the room you want to make a fresh change, paint or wallpaper an accent wall. It will look and feel like a brand new space for under $50 and a little bit of elbow grease.



Photo by Thomas Litangen, unsplash.com

  1. Light it up! Add a brand new feel to a room for an inexpensive and easy fix by changing out your light fixture or lampshade. This one change creates a makeover feel for less.


Photo by Sylwia Petruszhka, unsplash.com

  1. Serve up the green. There is nothing quite like plants to add a fresh breath of life to your space. Instead of the typical potted plant on the table or floor, create a tabletop terrarium for a stunning focal piece in any room.

Use a tray and arrange potted plants and succulents in a variety of pot and plant sizes. Use a glass terrarium to anchor the piece.


Photo by Jeff Sheldon, unsplash.com

  1. Window treatments. Windows are one of the most important elements in a room. They let in the natural light to your home. They act as an important part of the soul of any space. Changing up your window treatments play with the amount of light in your room and makes for a new feel in any room.

Just like throw pillows, you can play with textures, lightweight versus heavy, or length to make a variety of statements. Curtains and window treatments are easily handmade or easy to purchase and install, but they pack a big punch.


Photo by Nabila Fauzia, unsplash.com

  1. Begin a gallery wall. Gallery walls infuse fun and your personality and really put you on display in your home.

You can do the traditional family picture wall or create a whole new vibe with some fun, new ideas:

  • Do round art and mirrors only.
  • Hang only mirrors.
  • Put up only vintage plates.
  • Display embroidery hoops with colorful fabrics.

The biggest thing? Let your personality shine through.


Making a room in your home look and feel brand new is easy to achieve with a few small changes and an even smaller budget. What will you try?


5 Quick Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

We feel it in our bones. Spring! The very air around us smells like fresh dirt. All the bulb plants are popping up, the days are getting longer, and the wind has a hint of warmth to it. Spring is coming. Are you plotting out your garden and yard for the warm spring months? Don’t forget to invite the spring into your home as well as your garden this season.

If you are anything like us, you are delighted to throw open your doors and windows and let all that wonderful spring light and air into your homes. Say goodbye to the winter greys and welcome in the lightness of spring with these five easy and quick ways to bring in the magic of spring.

  1. Buy spring flowers! One of the best ways to welcome spring into your home is through flowers. Buy spring-time only flowers like tulips and daffodils or purchase arrangements that have soft or bright colours, the colours of spring.

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Feng Shui & Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Feel Good in your Home

Spring has arrived, and the world around us is bursting with new life. The trees are budding, flowers are popping out of the ground, and the days are longer and warmer. Perhaps because nature performs its own ritual of spring cleaning and renewal or maybe it is simply tradition – whatever it is, spring cleaning just feels necessary and right.

But what if we took spring cleaning to a new level and added in elements of feng shui into our cleaning rituals? Feng shui is the Chinese thought of how to spatially arrange your spaces in light of the flow of energy.

As you begin to spring clean, include these five elements of feng shui to make your home feel the best and most welcoming!

  1. Open up and air it out. One of the best parts of spring cleaning is simple – opening your windows and letting in the fresh air to scrub out the clinging scents of winter. In feng shui, opening your windows facing east is the traditional practice for best energy flow. Welcome in the spring and freshen up your living space.
Photo by Colin Maynard, Unsplash.com

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Hardwood Floors and Humidity

What you Need to Know

Checking, cupping, and gapping.  These are words you never want to hear when talking about your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are a natural product and are sensitive to humidity as it absorbs and loses moisture when it reacts to its surrounding environment. Keeping humidity levels in check will prevent potential damage to your floor.    Here are images of hardwood floors that have been affected by some form of humidity:  

Checking example:  

Checking consist of fine hairline cracks running along the grain on the surface of the wood flooring.



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A Beautiful Design Experience with AirBnB

Winter Blues?

I don’t know if anyone else is feeling it, but at this time in winter I start to anticipate the brilliant spring and summer seasons, dreaming of the sun to replenish my garden and also for it to extend our daylight. It’s hard not to allow your mind to wander to summer getaways.

This year, I took the opportunity while planning a summer getaway to stray from the usual hotel camaraderie and to instead introduce my parents to  AirBnB. After some convincing, we found ourselves that Sunday morning scrolling through the many different escapes AirBnB had to offer. 

(All photos shared are from the AirBnB website and link through to their page.)

Being Introduced to AirBnB

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to yet explore AirBnB, the website offers a modern day take on a bed and breakfast.  Hosts can sign up to the site and after thorough identity checks, they lend out a room, or entire home/apartment to travelers.  

AirBnB offers places to stay all throughout the world. read more…