Increase the Value of Your Home with These Few Tips

This weeks blog is brought to us by Shaw Floors. Find out how you can increase the value of your home in just three easy steps.

Looking to put your house on the market or simply want to improve your home design? There are a few steps widely accepted by housing experts that can increase the value of your home. Whether it’s repainting the living room or ensuring that your home design features the hardwood flooring house hunters go crazy for, here are a few tips you can consider.  

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3 Budget Friendly Alternatives to Hardwood Floors

Source: Torlys

Who doesn’t want the look of real hardwood flooring throughout their home? Unfortunately, hardwood is just not suited for all areas of one’s home. Being a natural product makes it more vulnerable to damage over other flooring options. Luckily, flooring has evolved greatly, even just over the past couple of years. We now have access to many extremely realistic wood-look flooring options that are neither solid or engineered hardwood and best of all are suited for any area of your home.

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4 Family Friendly Floors

Flooring choices are endless and it can be difficult to select the proper flooring for your busy family. From different textures, materials, durability and maintenance needs, where does one start when selecting the perfect flooring for their busy and active family? To help you make the right choice for your family we compiled a list of family friendly flooring options you should consider. Don’t worry, style does not have to be sacrificed! read more…

How to Create a Hardwood Accent Wall

Brought to you by Shaw Floors, this week is all about doing it yourself! 

Shaw Hardwood flooring can be installed several different ways. Depending on the type of hardwood and your subfloor, you can float, glue, nail or staple our floors. But did you know you can even install it on a wall? Yes, you can create a stunning accent wall that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood. 

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