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Pros and Cons of Sheet Vinyl Flooring

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With so many options to choose from, we know how overwhelming it can be to shop for flooring! You find a product that you love the look of only to find out that it isn’t best suited for your application. Luckily, with sheet vinyl flooring, you can have the best of both worlds. To help explain how and why that is, we will be sharing the pros and cons of sheet vinyl flooring. We can attest, the pros outweigh the cons.


Water Resistant

Sheet vinyl is the perfect option for water prone areas in your home as it is made from waterproof materials. Areas where sheet vinyl really excels is in the laundry room, bathroom, and basement.

Stain Resistant

Sheet vinyl is manufactured with a clear wear layer that helps protect the surface from spills and stains. This layer also makes it easier to clean and maintain.


When properly installed and maintained, sheet vinyl is highly durable and can last for many years. This feature makes sheet vinyl the perfect solution for high-traffic areas that see constant foot traffic, spills, pets, and whatever else life throws at it.

Low Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, sheet vinyl is very easy to clean and maintain. All it takes is a sweep and mop of the floors – it honestly does not get much simpler than that when it comes to flooring.


If you are comparing a sheet vinyl product to a vinyl tile or plank product that has the same style, pattern and colour, sheet vinyl will be the more affordable option. There are varying price levels depending on the quality of the floor as well as the manufacturer.  A reputable brand may cost more but you pay for what you get with product performance.


Sheet vinyl is the softest underfoot and warmest to the touch when compared to the other hard-surface products. If comfort is particularly important to your decision, look for sheet vinyl with an extra layer of cushioning.

Design Options

The design options are truly endless! And they aren’t those dated, retro styles from yesteryear. Sheet vinyl collections are filled with improved colours, textures, and patterns, including wood, stone and tile looks. The winning combination of on-trend style that meets durability.



Although there is the protective layer that protects from stains, sheet vinyl flooring is susceptible to discolouration. Rubber and direct sunlight are particularly bad for causing discolouration or fading. Be careful with low-quality products as they may yellow overtime.

Ease of Installation

Unless you are a skilled handy man with all the right tools and have the ability to measure accurately, we do not recommend installing sheet vinyl yourself. Proper flooring installation is vital to how your floor performs and the longevity of that flooring.

Difficult to Repair

There are only two options if a repair is needed. The first and least ideal option is to replace the entire floor. The second is to replace a patch of flooring where the damage occurred. The difficulty with that is cutting the patch to match the pattern on the floor and having extra flooring material available for this repair.  

Stop by a showroom near you to browse our Sheet Vinyl collections in person and speak with our flooring experts!

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