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Light vs. Dark Flooring

Source: Shaw Floors

With trends constantly evolving, it can be hard to decide exactly what floor to go with in your home. Just know, the most important rule in selecting your flooring is being true to your own style. This is especially true because chances are, the flooring you select will cover one of the largest areas of your home. We in the flooring business refer to it as the home’s fifth wall. Aside from having to decide on what type of flooring is best suited for your needs there are several style factors you need to decide on, one of them being the colour.

Good news for homeowners that like options, there are a ton of colours to choose from with new colours and trends constantly emerging. The colour you select, whether you go with dark or light floors, will set the tone for your home, and this guide will help you decide what might work best for you.

Light-Toned Floors

Light toned flooring is great for brightening up a space and giving a room that airy feeling. Your space will feel larger and the light tones will help create that comforting and welcoming atmosphere. It also adds a visual interest without taking away from other, stronger design elements. The floors will just help pull all the elements together.

The benefits to light-toned flooring is that compared to dark-tone floors, they are easier to care for. It is also far better for hiding dents, scratches, and pet hair, for those busy households.

Black table on carpet in spacious living room interior with poster above grey settee. Real photo

Dark-Toned Floors

Dark floors can accommodate just about any design style as it is incredibly versatile. Dark hardwood especially is timeless yet modern. Instantly add character that works perfectly for any design style from rustic to contemporary. Pair with light furniture or cabinets if you are a fan of contrast as it creates the perfect backdrop to help your other elements pop. The distinctive beauty of rich, dark floors works very well in open floor plans. Also, to help your space feel larger and more expansive, opt for a wide plank in a dark-tone.

Source: Beaulieu Canada
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