Durable, stylish solutions for rentals.

Nufloors Medicine Hat has effective flooring solutions for condominiums, apartments, townhomes and rentals. We can provide new floorings for a single rental unit or a complete building of rentals.

Working with property managers.

Nufloors specializes in working with property managers and strata council boards to find the right flooring. We know that sound absorption, easy maintenance and durable flooring options are all important floor factors for property managers. We’ll help you make the choice that’s right for you and your project.  We are insured. Safety and insurance requirements are met on all projects and job sites.

Durable Choices

Property managers need stylish products that are durable for more turns but are also quick and easy to install and replace.

Quick Installation 

Move-in dates sneak up on property managers. Easy-to-install flooring is the perfect solution. Our team of installers will complete the job in a timely fashion.

Budget Conscious

We offer a large selection of products across categories for every price point and every budget.

Tenant Friendly

We know you need flooring options that will not rip, tear or gouge from normal household use, multiple tenants, and moves. 

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