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Luxury Vinyl
Sheet Vinyl
Natural Stone

Olmo by Casa Roma

Prussia by Beaulieu Canada

Oceania by Beaulieu Canada

Empire by Mannington

Fairhaven by Mannington

Allegiance Plus by Shaw

Original Harmony by Wicanders

Chamonix by Beaulieu Canada

Points of Color by Shaw

Kalla Travertine by Armstrong

Hillside Hickory by Mannington

Sapphire by Richmond Laminate

Natural Boucle by Shaw Floors

Carrara by Mannington

Portobello Marmi Classico by Tierra Sol

Riverdale Hickory by Shaw

Horizon by Mannington

Spring Valley by Mohawk Flooring

New Castle, colour Knights Armor, by Mannington

Station Pine by Mannington

Stone Hex by Armstrong

Deep Forest, by Armstrong

Chevron Collection by Estates

White Oak Legacy Grey by Laurentian

Black Mountain Oak by Mannington

Hartwick by Mohawk

Rare Vintage by Mohawk

Courseland Tweed, by Armstrong

Yin + Yang by Crossville

Modern Hearth by Daltile

Homefront III by Mohawk

Natural Oak by Richmond Vinyl

Oak Fresco Lodge by Richmond Laminate

Chevron Forest by Armstrong

Amador Medallion by Armstrong

Largo Mix Plus by Shaw Floors

Minotaur by Beaulieu Canada

Miller's Reserve by Fuzion

Aragon Travertine by Armstrong

Brown Sugar by XL Flooring

Anthology by Mannington

SolidTech Plus Franklin by Mohawk

Concrete Structures by Armstrong

Heatherfield, by Armstrong

Bee Hive by Daltile

Vinylcomfort, by Wicanders

LUXE Plank with Rigid Core by Armstrong

Pantheon HD Plus by Shaw

Starfish by Beaulieu Canada

Titan HD Plus by Shaw

Trellis Oak by Daltile

Palace Plank by Mannington

Northern Retreat by Fuzion

Versatech Ultra Wood by Mohawk

InterFuz by West Coast Collection

Transcend by Primco

Penny Lane, colour: Marble Opal, by Mannington

Oceania by Beaulieu Canada

Palatino Plus by Shaw

Sistina by Mannington

Wall Panels by Tierra Sol

Restorations Collection by Estates

Aspen Estate by Primco

Revelance by Mohawk

Hickory Suede by Richmond Laminate

Oceania by Beaulieu Canada

Chicago by Beaulieu Canada

Mountain View by Beaulieu Canada

Mountain View by Beaulieu Canada

Aspen Estate by Primco

Lumber District from our West Coast Collection

Citadel Rock by Armstrong

Nordic by Wicanders

Pamesa Art by Tierra Sol

Mato by Wicanders

Tryesse Ultra by Beaulieu Canada

Loft by Mannington

Stonesdale by Armstrong

Adura®rigid Plank by Mannington

Oak Arctic by Shnier

Glacier Lake in the colour Dockside by Shaw Floors

Chart House by Mannington

Yin + Yang by Crossville

Block Beige by Casa Roma

Hartwick by Mohawk Flooring

Hive by Mannington

Cosmic Realm by Armstrong

Newville, Black & White, by Armstrong

Impact by Shaw

Red Oak Natural by Laurentian Hardwood

Variety by Beaulieu Canada

Marble Mosaics by Julian Tile

Woodhaven by Shaw

Moonstruck by Crossville

Ancient Fury by Armstrong

Kitsilano Collection by Fuzion

Crest Haven by Mohawk

Versatech Ultra Tile by Mohawk

Sand Dune by XL Flooring

Blocking by Shaw

Natural Artistry by Mohawk Flooring

Mesita, by Armstrong

Marble Arch by XL Flooring

Bridal Falls from our West Coast Collection

Ardesia by Casa Roma

LUXE Plank with Rigid Core by Armstrong

Briarfield by Mohawk Flooring

Nature's Elegance SmartStrand by Mohawk

Trip to Tokyo by Beaulieu Canada

Vintage Painted by Shaw

Artisan Collection by Estates

Margate Harbor by Mannington

Sausalito by Mannington

Chevron White by Casa Roma

Midsummer Sun by Armstrong

Massa by Beaulieu Canada

Blacksmith Oak by Mannington

Patina by Mannington

Aspen Estate by Primco

Grandwood by Mohawk

Portrait by Beaulieu Canada

Urban Age by Armstrong

Simplicity by Casa Roma

Lead the Way by Shaw

Ledger Stone by Tierra Sol

Exquisite by Shaw Floors

Blue Ridge by XL Flooring

Ledger Stones by Tierra Sol

Corkcomfort WRT planks, by Wicanders

Rivercrest by Mohawk

Natural Boucle by Shaw

Petra by Wicanders

Uptown Now by Shaw

Hilltop by Mannington

Station Pine by Mannington

Trellis by Mannington

InterFuz by West Coast Collection

Baltic Blue by Armstrong

Magnificent SFN by Shaw Floors

Natural by Shnier

STN Salem by Tierra Sol

Make It Work by Shaw

Geotiles i-Marmi by Tierra Sol

Tenacious HD Plus by Shaw

Travertine Cubic, by Julian Tile

Pebbles, by Julian Tile

Travertine Split Face, by Julian Tile

Mozart by Beaulieu Canada

Tapestry by Mannington

Manali from the Hilltop collection by Beaulieu

Museo by Daltile

Impronta White Experience by Tierra Sol

Lakeview by Mannington

Hillside Hickory by Mannington

Ceruse Oak by Armstrong

Palace Chevron by Mannington

Cabana Life by Shaw

Tapestry by Mannington

Portobello Marmi Classico by Tierra Sol

Articulo by Daltile

Familiar Territory by Crossville

Cambrian Strips, by Tierra Sol

Impronta White Experience by Tierra Sol

Montana Retreat by Armstrong

Outside the Lines by Shaw

Basalt by Crossville

Clermont, by Mannington

Bromont from the Mountain View collection by Beaulieu

Paragon 5 by Shaw

Soft Tradition I by Mohawk

Easy Style Plank by Shaw

Deep Creek Timbers, by Armstrong

Anthology by Mannington

Vinylcomfort by Wicanders

Filigree by Mannington

Pamesa Art by Tierra Sol

Tonal Luxury SmartStrand Ultra by Mohawk

Viking Hickory Rigid Core by Armstrong

STN Salem by Tierra Sol

River Mill by Mannington

Capadocia, Travine, by Armstrong

Weathered Vintage by Mohawk

Marble Tiles Honed, by Tierra Sol

Keystone Oak by Mannington

Haendel by Beaulieu Canada

Starfish by Beaulieu Canada

Maple Mackintosh by Shnier

Basilica Plus by Shaw

Othon II by Beaulieu

White Oak Sandalwood by Laurentian Hardwood

Deco by Mannington

Morocco by Mannington

Jubilate by Beaulieu Canada

Mountain Creek by Mohawk

Maple Country by Laurentian Hardwood

Mineral Mix by Shaw

Eagle Rock, by Armstrong

Memoir by Daltile

Portrait by Beaulieu Canada

Artcomfort Panel Cork, by Wicanders

Alemeda Oak Rigid Core by Armstrong Flooring

Marble Bianco, by Julian Tile

Grandwood by Mohawk

Three Rivers by Shaw

Calx by Casa Roma

All About It by Shaw

Spice by Shnier

Aristocrat from our West Coast Collection

Klimt by Beaulieu Canada

Nashville by Primco

Canyon Cliffs in the colour Caravan by Shaw Floors

SmartStrand Forever Clean Classic by Mohawk

Memoir by Daltile

Pantheon HD Plus by Shaw

Fulford by Mohawk Flooring

Beach Gaze from our West Coast Collection

Tuscany by Armstrong

Hampton by Mannington

Haymarket by Beaulieu Canada

Timberline by Shaw

Yin + Yang by Crossville

Grigio by Casa Roma

Designer Choice by Shaw

ABK Native by Tierra Sol

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