Your cozy statement piece.

Area rugs are easy to move around and functional in defining space.
You can choose from many designs, colours, shapes and sizes.

The choice is yours.

Area rugs add warmth and beauty to any space and can instantly change the way a room feels. Browse the types of area rugs to find out which one suits your lifestyle best.

  • Hand-knotted Rugs
  • Hand-tufted Rugs
  • Machine-made Rugs
  • Custom made Rugs
  • Hand-knotted Rugs

    Hand-knotted rugs are handmade, durable, full of detail and are designed to be passed down from generation to generation. The more knots per square inch the better (can vary from 40 to 1200). Most of the cost of a hand-knotted area rug is the labour involved and the materials used.

    Hand-tufted Rugs

    These rugs are half man-made and half machine-made. When looking at a rug, view the underside and look for a pattern in reverse – this indicates it’s a hand-knotted piece. If you see a backing, it’s a hand-tufted area rug.

    Machine-made Rugs

    Machine-made rugs have been designed to replicate hand-knotted rugs and are woven by a machine that makes them more affordable. Machine-made rugs are manufactured with materials including wool and synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, nylon, polyester, acrylic and artificial silk. Machine-made rugs are an excellent way to decorate a room affordably.

    Custom made Rugs

    We can custom order any of our carpet styles to make any size, colour, border and binding for your area rug.

Things to think about.


Where will the rug be located, and what purpose will it serve in that space? Determine if it’s a focal point in a formal living room or a place people can sit on while playing board games in the family room. This will help determine the type of area rug you need.


If you prefer a softer feel, then natural fibres such as wool and cotton would be your best choice. If you want a lush, deep pile, synthetic fibres are best. Organic fibres such as jute and sisal can be soft underfoot but they don’t provide the same warmth as a woven rug.


In a living room, the rug should go at least under the front legs on sofas and chairs. It should run the same width, or slightly longer, than a sofa. In a dining room, centre the furniture over the rug and choose a rug that fits the shape of your table. Try to match the rug shape to the shape of your dining room table. In the bedroom, the rug should be balanced under the bed and should be large enough to extend beyond both sides of the bed. 

Rug Pad 

A quality rug pad ensures no one will slip from a rug moving or trip from wrinkles. It also protects the rug and floor from damage. A rug pad holds the rug flat against the floor to prevent movement. Buy a rug pad that is 1-2” smaller than your rug. 

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Invest in the right fibre


Wool rugs are made of a sturdy pile and are stain-resistant and durable. Wool rugs are more expensive than other options.


Cotton rugs are made of soft and strong fibres. They are generally found in a flat weave. Cotton rugs tend to wear out sooner and attract dirt easily.


Silk rugs are woven in many countries with their construction being fine, thin and very colourful. Silk rugs do not have a springy characteristic. 


Jute rugs are strong, durable and the softest natural fibre. They are more coarse than others and are prone to stain easily.


Sisal rugs are very durable and anti-static. They are coarse and can be harder to clean. 


Seagrass rugs are stain-resistant and durable. 


Nylon area rugs are stain and soil-resistant. They can be easily cleaned and tend to be more inexpensive. They do not hold as much value as other natural fibres. 


Olefin rugs are inexpensive and are water and stain-resistant. They require more cleaning and can show wear sooner than other rugs.

Frequently asked questions.

What’s the flooring buying process?

When visiting our showroom to view our selection of area rugs, we suggest you bring the following: 


  • Your room dimensions
  • Samples of your floor type, furniture fabrics and colours (paint, wallpaper)
  • Pictures of your room

Does Nufloors sell custom rugs?

We carry a great selection of area rugs and can custom order any of our carpet styles to make any size, colour, border and binding for your area rug.

Are there colours that should be avoided when purchasing a rug?

It’s a good idea to avoid white/light coloured rugs in dining rooms and entryways as any pale hue will show dirt and spots sooner than darker colours.

How can I tell the area rug was made in a good environment?

With hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs, look for the RugMark™ label, which tells you it was made without child labour.

Should I use a rug underpad?

Yes, rug underpads protect your floors from scratching and provide slip resistance and cushioning under foot.

What size rug underpad do I need?

Rug pads should be smaller than your area rug by at least 2 inches on each side. This allows the edges of the rug to lay flat against the flooring, preventing a tripping hazard.

How do I store my rug?

Be sure to clean your rug first, then roll it and wrap it in heavy-duty plastic with moth balls before sealing the whole thing with tape.

Living room with white upholstered bench, acrylic accent table and laminate floors.