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Pros and Cons of Curbless Walk in Showers

The latest trend that we are loving in bathroom design right now is the sleek and modern curbless shower. If you are planning a bathroom remodel or building a new home and considering a curbless shower, this guide is for you. We are sharing the pros and cons to help you decide if a curbless shower is the best option for your home.



By eliminating the curb you make your shower an “equal opportunity” space. This is important if you live in a home with three generations or you often have company stay with you. Children can clear a 4” curb with no problems, however, your grandmother may have a harder time. It is nice to have a bathroom that functions and works for everyone in the family. 

Say goodbye to the door

Not only are shower doors expensive they can be time consuming to clean. With curbless showers you eliminate the need for one, that is unless you want one, then go for it!

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Easy to clean

Let’s be honest, cleaning a small corner or alcove shower can be an awkward and difficult task (at least your arms are getting toned though, right?). With a curbless shower, the space is open, making it easier to reach in and clean. To make things even easier, consider a handheld shower head with a hose for convenience. And if you opt for a glass enclosure, a squeegee is a great tool to keep close by. Quickly wipe down the glass once you are done and you will not have to spend an entire afternoon scrubbing the water marks away.

Show off your design

Your view is physically cut off when a shower is enclosed by a curb or door. With an open shower there are sight lines into the wet area which can showcase and show off a luxury or creative shower design. Think of all the new tiles and decorative wall panels available on the market. There are so many options for you to create a space that is beautiful and unique to your style so why not let it shine with a curbless shower.

Design: Michelle Dirkse

Great for small spaces

If you have your heart set on a curbless shower but are concerned your space is too small, do not fret, you do not need to live in a million-dollar home to enjoy a curbless shower. Whether your bathroom is small or large, a curbless shower will fit.


Little privacy

Curbless showers are open to the rest of the bathroom so they do not offer much privacy. If privacy is a concern, consider adding different design elements such as, obscure glass, glass blocks or curtains to minimize this problem.

Source: Ames Tile & Stone

Water can escape

There is no curb to hold water in the wet area of the shower however there are some options to help limit the amount of water that escapes. The first option is installing a pivoting shower screen, which pivots inside and outside of the wet area. Simply pivot the screen inside while showering to help keep water in the wet area. The last option is to go with a rain head over a wall mounted shower head. Rain heads keep the water in a more concentrated area.

Heat will escape

Naturally, without a shower door, heat will escape, which is one of the bigger drawbacks. A way to mitigate this and keep your space warmer is by installing heated flooring.

Source: Centura


This isn’t as much of a concern for new builds as it is for renovation projects. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as tiling your entire bathroom and adding a shower head. Depending on the scope of the project and your local building codes, the floor where the shower will be, may need to be lowered or raised to account for waterproofing and draining.

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