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How to Prepare for Installation Day

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It is exciting to envision what your home will look like after selecting your new flooring. What is not as fun is preparing your home for the installation day. However, through this guide, we will help you be prepared and ready to go. Because, as the saying goes, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Let’s ensure your investment stays beautiful for years to come.

While shopping for your gorgeous new floors, your salesperson will review your installation details and will advise about additional fees that may be involved so there are no surprises at the end. Our installers are professionals and will need to have the space properly prepared before they can install your new flooring.

So here we go.

Remove All Personal and Fragile Items

Such as lamps, vases, collectibles, books, glass frames and paintings. Would be wise to remove drapery or other wall coverings that may be in the way. Clear all desktops, bookshelves, tops of dressers and closet floors. Sorry, but Nufloors installers cannot move delicate items such as grandfather clocks, pianos, large entertainment units and pool tables as these items require special attention.

Remove Items Stored in Closets and Storage Rooms

If your flooring installation involves these spaces, plan to have these spaces emptied before your installers arrive.

Plan Who is Moving the Furniture and Appliances

This will be predetermined by your salesperson after discussions with the homeowner when planning the installation. A review will be done as to who is moving large furniture pieces and appliances, etc.

Appliance and Electronics

If your new flooring is being installed in rooms with gas appliances, appliances and large electronics, review with your salesperson who will do the disconnection and moving. Some homeowners are comfortable with doing this themselves, while others will want to plan for this to be completed by a professional. Toilets and dishwashers should be removed and reinstalled by a certified plumber ahead.  All of this will need to be done prior to the arrival of the installers.

Door Adjustments

There may likely be changes to the height of your new floor and as a result, doors will not open and close properly. Pay attention to doors leading to the outside as you don’t want a situation where you cannot close these doors. Nufloors installers will remove doors and re-hang them as needed however, if they need to be cut or sanded, the installer will leave them off so you can arrange to have them adjusted.

Clean Floor Prior to Laying New Floors and After

Vacuum hard surface flooring and old carpet thoroughly before your installer arrives. This will help eliminate the amount of airborne dust and particles released into the room when the old flooring is being removed. Additionally, you will want to clean your new floors after they have been installed to remove any lingering dust particles. Nufloors installers do their best to minimize the amount of dust, however, it naturally happens when removing old flooring.


You will want to remove all baseboards prior to installing new hard surface flooring to ensure proper cutting and fitting. While Nufloors installers can remove the baseboards, we cannot be responsible for breakage and replacement. Note, you may need to repaint your walls due to a change in height of baseboard replacement.

Ensure Room Temperature is Ready for Installation

Your salesperson will advise you on this as each flooring type has a different set of requirements for room temperatures. Attention is needed to this before, during and after the installation.

Sub-Floor/Sub-Floor Squeaking

Unforeseen changes may apply to the installation cost of installing new flooring when removing the old flooring. Unfortunately, structural damage is not always detected until the installation process has begun. Nufloors can assist with minor irregularities and floor preparation but in the event of larger structural problems, a professional carpenter may be required. Squeaks can be caused by joists loosening or loose wall plates that have deteriorated over time and are not the responsibility of Nufloors.

If Planning to Repaint the Room

If you are planning on painting, adding wallpaper or completing any other home renovation project, try to do it before your flooring is installed. Make sure you keep a little extra paint handy in case small touch ups are required.

With these tasks planned and finished ahead of time, your installation will be completed with beautiful results.  Nufloors will be ready to help with the installation process and you will soon be enjoying your beautiful new flooring.

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