Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to change my business name?

As owners of Canada Nufloors, together we have strategically decided that we want to build a brand and capitalize on shared marketing. This is best accomplished by all sharing the same name and using it in our individual markets. As a result, we require that all Nufloors locations use the same name in its signage and marketing initiatives. We recognize that this is a big change and allow new owners up to 2 years for the full transition to “Nufloors”.

What is a cooperative? How is this different from a franchise?

Nufloors is a true cooperative. That means each owner has one equal share in the cooperative and each owner has a say in the way the cooperative is managed.

What does Nufloors charge for royalties and other fees?

Unlike franchises and other membership organizations, there are no royalty fees.

Nufloors has a lean management system and all locations share in the annual cost equally to maximize rebates back to the owners.

What are the next steps in being granted a share in Nufloors?

IIf you feel you are a candidate for joining Nufloors as an owner, please complete the form on our contact page. Once we receive your application, we will meet with you by phone or video call  (or in person where possible) and have a conversation about our respective businesses.

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