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Warm Floors for the Winter



Cold weather is on the way and it’s almost time to turn on your furnace, if you have not done so already.   One problem you may find with this dip in temperature is that no matter how warm your house is, your flooring always seems to be a little chilly on your feet. One question that we receive frequently is “I love the look of tile but they are so cold in the winter, how can we make them warmer?” The good news is that cold feet in your home will be a thing of the past with some of the great new heating mat options available.




Heat mats are versatile because they come in standard sizes but can also be customized for any room in your home, depending on the flooring type. This means that the heat can hit all areas of your flooring that you walk on so that there are no cold spots. Generally, heat mats are most commonly used under tiles but they can also be put under vinyl plank and even approved engineered hardwoods.


The programmable features found in the newer heat mats are very attractive as your floor can now be programmed to warm up right before you wake up and shutoff right after you fall asleep.  That way, your morning trip into the bathroom or kitchen can be just a little more enjoyable.   In addition, the programmable feature helps make your heat mat very energy efficient as your floors will not be heated when you are not home. Not to mention, some have wifi capability allowing temperature control without getting up.

The most amazing feature many people may not realize is that heat mats are able to go in your tile shower!   Yes, you heard that right.

The only issue you may find with heat mats is you’ll never want to leave your house!

You may want to watch this video by Warmly Yours to learn more:


Guest Blogger:

Shawn Vanderwal, Nufloors Kamloops

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