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Spring Clean Your Floors

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Spring Clean Your Floors!

Spring is right around the corner. There is something about the slightly warmer air making us all want to throw open the windows and air out the stale winter from our homes. The ritual of spring cleaning seems as if it was in our DNA. We will go through closets and scrub the walls and move the furniture to capture all the dust balls.

Often, we forget the importance of giving our floors a little extra attention beyond the biweekly vacuum or mop. Here are some spring cleaning tips for all types of floors to keep them looking brand new!

  1. Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors beautify any room with their natural elements. They are sturdy and built to last. Proper care is the key to a hardwood floors luster and life. Cleaning your hardwood floors with anything but manufactured recommended cleaners is a no-no to the life of your floors. It is also important to note water and vinegar will damage your floors. Usually, dust mopping and vacuuming will keep your floors clean, but once or twice a year, you want to deep clean the dirt and grime getting below the surface.

Begin with moving your furniture (make sure there are felt pads prior to pushing and reduce scratching floors) and pick up rugs. Then vacuum your floors with a soft or felt brush head (no beater heads!) to prevent scratching. Next, with a manufacture recommended cleaner, create a diluted solution according to the directions. Place your mop head in the solution and wring out until nearly dry. We recommend doing this step in the sink to prevent drips and large spills on your hardwoods. Continue until your floors are clean.

  1. Laminate floors

Laminate floors look great and are an affordable alternative to different types of flooring. While laminate flooring is tough, taking care of your floors will help keep it looking its best and lengthen its life. Again, it is important to follow the instructions suggested by your manufacturer.

Similar to the hardwood floors, you want to move furniture and rugs to clean all the floors. You never want to use a buffing or polishing machine on your laminate floors. Dust mop or vacuum your floors with a soft or felt brush head. After you clean up all the surface grime, check for any stains or candle wax and treat them separately before cleaning all the floors.

Candle wax or gum: Harden with ice and carefully scrape with something plastic (an old credit or gift card works great).

Tough stains: Certain stains like oil, paint or ink, you will carefully clean using acetone or nail polish remover. Place a small amount on a white cloth and wipe. Finish by wiping with a damp cloth.

Finally, you will want to use the manufacture recommended diluted solution and a slightly damp mop placed into mixture and wrung out well. Don’t allow drips to sit on your floors.

  1. Carpeting

Getting out of bed on a cold morning to soft, warm carpeting is the best feeling. Carpet flooring can show the most wear and tear if not properly cared for routinely. Regularly vacuuming your carpets and quickly treating spots will keep your carpets looking and feeling great for years to come.

But, like all flooring, your carpeting holds onto the dirt and grime and pollen tracked in with our shoes, so it needs a deep cleaning every once in a while. And what better time than spring cleaning time? Be sure to move rugs and furniture to fully clean all the flooring.

There are many options for self-cleaning your carpeting like renting a steam cleaner for your carpet. If you choose to go the self-cleaning route be sure to check in with the manufacturer’s instructions on recommended products to use with your specific style of carpet. If you decide to hire a professional to clean your carpets (We hear you! Lugging the rented cleaner to your car to your home back to the store, not to mention the actual cleaning!!!), be sure to check out online reviews, satisfied friends or check with the store where you bought your carpet for business recommendations. Be sure to check your carpet warranty as some manufacturers require professional cleaning every 12-18 months to keep your warranty valid.

If you have difficult stains, Nufloors provides a comprehensive guide on how to deal and treat specific stains.

  1. Tile floors

Tile floors create beautiful spaces in your home and are most often located in the kitchen and/or bathroom. Areas of your home that require a lot of daily maintenance. But for a spring clean, deep clean, you will want to focus your scrub brush on the grout. No matter how well-maintained, grout picks up the dirt and grime over time, and after some TLC and elbow grease, your tile floors can look brand news!

Move out rugs and furniture before you begin the cleaning process. Depending on your grout, you can use a concentrated household or commercial cleaner. If you need something more heavy-duty, be sure to contact the company you purchased your flooring from or reach out to a professional. An old toothbrush (even better, an old electric toothbrush) is the perfect tool to get in the small joint areas for the deepest and best clean.

After you finish the deep clean, there are two final steps. Inspect your floors and clean out any cracked or powdery grout in the joints and replace with new grout. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions! You might also need to consider resealing your grout. Some grout needs to be resealed annually to help with the life of the grout.

To learn more about cleaning your floors be sure to connect with a Nufloors Specialist near you!

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