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Six Essential Elements for Designing a Stylish and Organized Entryway

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Source: Armstrong Flooring

The entryway is a “catch-all” space for everything! It is where things like purses, keys, mail, and outerwear collect. It is also the first thing you and your guests see as they enter your home. Therefore, it is important to keep it organized and stylish. You don’t want your transition from workday to evening to begin by entering a cluttered space. Without further ado, discover the 6 essential elements needed for designing a stylish and most importantly, an organized entryway.


A rug may be the most important element in your entryway. That is because its purpose goes beyond style and design. A rug will help keep your floors clean and looking like new in high-traffic areas like an entryway. Although you may want your rug to look good and show off your personality, something like a vintage rug may not be the best option. The rug you select needs to be able to stand up to the elements and people using the rug to get those elements off their boots and shoes. This is particularly important as we head into the wet and muddy months of fall and winter.

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A staple in any stylish entryway is the addition of a bench. Not only does it help keep things organized but it is comfortable and inviting. Wooden benches are a popular option as they are easy to keep clean, they are durable, you don’t have to worry about wet upholstery and wood pairs perfectly with any style.

Source: Shaw Floors


A mirror is a great addition because who doesn’t want that final look of themselves as they walk out the door? Also, a mirror helps define a space and make it look bigger. So, if you are working with a smaller space, a mirror is a must! A mirror hung over that wooden bench or table console is always beautiful.


What room wouldn’t benefit from adding some cute baskets? Use baskets on the floor as catch-alls for accessories such as gloves, toques, scarves and tote bags.

Source: Mannington


Add hooks to your wall as a space to hang outdoor gear such as hats, coats, umbrellas and tote bags. Hooks are great as they help declutter your floor and can be installed in any sized space, even the smallest alcove.


Cubbies are a great solution to keep things organized. They are relatively inexpensive so you can afford to get creative and the configurations are endless so you can always change things up.

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