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Make your hardwood flooring last

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If you’ve spent good money making your hardwood floor a focal point in your home, you  will want to make it last. The change of seasons brings unsuspecting dangers to your beautiful hardwood floor such as rocks, pebbles, mud, and dirt. While most hardwood floors may be scratch resistant, they are not invincible  and can only take so much abuse. Here are a few things to keep in mind to protect your wood flooring:

  • Don’t wear shoes while on your hardwood. Little rocks and pebbles get trapped in the tread and can scratch and leave small dents.  Oh, and know that high heels can dent a hardwood floor, best to leave them at the door.
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Photo:  Antique Impressions:  Estate Plank

  • Use an area rug in high traffic areas, such as your front entryway or back door. By placing an area rug in these areas, you are protecting your floor  from wear and tear; this keeps the floor beautiful and consistent with the rest of your flooring.
  • Be selective with the cleaning product used for the dirt and mud that gets tracked inside. Water and wood do not mix and the moisture will damage the wood over time so never damp mop your floor, this includes a slightly damp mop. Also, be wary of using products that leave a residue or have acidic properties that eat away the hardwood’s finish.  We recommend Bona products and these can be found in our stores.
  • Use the right tools. Regularly sweeping away the dirt with a broom that has polypropylene or acrylic bristles will prevent scratches. When using a vacuum on a bare-floor, attach it with a brush or felt-type head for the best results.
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Photo:  Preverco:  http://www.preverco.com/en/product/hard-maple-bora-wave

Follow these few tips to keep your hardwood floor looking brand new! If you’re not sure what  cleaning product is best for your hardwood floor, consult with a professional and we’d be happy to assist you!

Guest Blogger:

Shawn Vanderwal, Nufloors Kamloops

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