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Have You Heard of Luxury Vinyl? And no, not the records…

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Luxury vinyl is one of the hottest trends in the flooring industry and for very good reason. You have surely walked on luxury vinyl without even realizing it. Whether you need an update to your basement, want to spice up your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room or are tired of constantly replacing the flooring in your rental property, luxury vinyl has benefits for all. Many designers, home owners and property managers have turned to luxury vinyl because of these great features.



Huge selection of sizes, shapes and styles ~ everything from distressed wood, tile and stone, to woven fabric patterns
Luxury vinyl tile is now so realistic that with the naked eye it is almost impossible to tell the difference between vinyl and real tile
Only a fraction of the cost of wood or stone and less expensive to install
Can be grouted making for a very elegant look
Extremely easy to clean and is water resistant
Scratch, dent and stain resistant ~ built to withstand commercial and high traffic areas


Luxury vinyl is much different than the sheet vinyl of the past because it is a little thicker which aids in comfort, sound dampening and warmth. Secondly, because luxury vinyl comes in tile and plank, you, as the consumer, are given so much more freedom to be creative. No longer must you rely solely on the pattern printed on sheet vinyl. Instead you have the ability to mix and match including using grout! Not to mention because of ease of installation, luxury vinyl allows you to swap out a tile or plank if it becomes damaged. This is a huge cost saver and one reason luxury vinyl is very popular in rental units and apartments. We trust luxury vinyl in some of the highest traffic areas of our showrooms. Stop by and take a look! www.nufloors.ca/locations

Photo: Armstrong Luxury Vinyl: Alterna: Rossini Marble Gray Mist Flooring


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