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Feng Shui & Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Feel Good in your Home

Spring has arrived, and the world around us is bursting with new life. The trees are budding, flowers are popping out of the ground, and the days are longer and warmer. Perhaps because nature performs its own ritual of spring cleaning and renewal or maybe it is simply tradition – whatever it is, spring cleaning just feels necessary and right.

But what if we took spring cleaning to a new level and added in elements of feng shui into our cleaning rituals? Feng shui is the Chinese thought of how to spatially arrange your spaces in light of the flow of energy.

As you begin to spring clean, include these five elements of feng shui to make your home feel the best and most welcoming!

  1. Open up and air it out. One of the best parts of spring cleaning is simple – opening your windows and letting in the fresh air to scrub out the clinging scents of winter. In feng shui, opening your windows facing east is the traditional practice for best energy flow. Welcome in the spring and freshen up your living space.
Photo by Colin Maynard, Unsplash.com


  1. Bring in the green. Buy new plants to remember that the season of spring is all about new beginnings. Put your plants in your front entrance and kitchen for the best feng shui and welcome in new life.

Go for fragrant herbs in the kitchen and vibrant blooms for your entryway.

Photo by Tom Ezzatkhah, Unsplash.com
  1. Go through the closets. One of our favorite spring cleaning traditions includes the clearing out of closets and cupboards. Pull out all your items in the closets and cupboards in your bedrooms and bathrooms throughout the house. Get rid of out of date items or clothing with stains, rips, tears, doesn’t fit, or you simply haven’t worn it all season long. Don’t hold onto things you can no longer use. Letting go of them creates an open flow of energy and welcomes in new life, making you feel empowered every time you open the closet door.
Photo by Crew, Unsplash.com
  1. Rearrange your furniture. One of the most well-known elements of feng shui is the direction of the furniture in your spaces. Study the basics of feng shui methods of furniture arrangement. The flow of rearranging your furniture to feng shui will make a huge difference in your space and how you feel living in it. But remember when moving furniture to always protect your floors with proper cleaning supplies and cushions to prevent scratching and tearing if you push a big piece of furniture across the room.
Photo by Ben Garratt, Unsplash.com
  1. Deflect negative energy. If you are looking to add more positive energy into your home (as well as lightening up dark, cramped spaces), add mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and add a flow of positivity into your space. Remember to mainly stick with round mirrors, sharp edges stifle the good energy.
Photo by Sylwia Petruszka, Unsplash.com

The season of spring is all about the welcoming of new life and rebirth. So, this year, bring new life into your home with some elbow grease and feng shui.

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