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Cut A Rug

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Sophisticated, whimsical, modern. Whatever the look you are going for, area rugs pull together a room – creating a look and feel matching the vibe you want your room to have. We know it can be difficult finding the perfect rug to give the room just the feel you are looking for. You might have looked at hundreds of rugs, but the size or colouring is off. An area rug is a big investment, so you want what you want.


Custom area rugs allow you to pick and choose exactly what you want for your space. Here are a few reasons why you should consider going custom:

Personality and creativity: When creating a custom area rug, your personality and creativity shine through, stamping your room in a unique way.

Meets your specific design needs: A custom rug allows you to pick the exact size, shape, colour and design, creating the look you desire for your space, making it look like you had a designer.

Complete control: Instead of spending weeks (or months!) looking for just the right area rug for your space, with the click of a few buttons you can choose the design and look of your rug all the way to the pile and binding.

It is for these reasons, why here at Nufloors we love Shaw’s Cut-A-Rug program. They make it easy to transform your space by allowing you control over choosing style, colour, borders, shape and size. Here is what you can expect if you use the Cut-A-Rug program.

  1. Style and colour

Whether you want sleek and modern or quirky and whimsical, you have dozens of style and colour options with Shaw. From geometric patterns to soft piles to loop piles, the options are endless allowing you to create your dream rug.

  1. Borders

Shaw provides five style options for bordering your custom rug: fabric, binding, serging, leather, carpet. And don’t worry – you also have a wide selection of colour options for your binding.

  1. Shape

Rooms and design layouts are unique, and depending on what design style you are looking to create in your space, shape matters. Cut-A-Rug allows you to select four shape sizes: round, oval, square and rectangular. If you need a custom cut for runners or stairways, this is the way to go!

  1. Size

Finding a rug with the size you need may be the hardest find of all. A custom rug allows you to choose the exact size you need. Whether you want tiny, huge or all options in between, you decide the size and Shaw will cut it to your specs.

See in-store for more details. Our sales associates will work with you to find the perfect Area Rug for your space!

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