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The 2016 Hardwood Flooring Trend Countdown #8

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Are you following the top nine 2016 hardwood  flooring trend countdown? If you missed trend #9, catch up here.

Hardwood Flooring Trend #8: White oak instead of red oak

The majority of hardwood floors are made with oak because of their durability. Traditionally, red oak is the base of most oak hardwoods for one simple reason. Red oaks are more abundant in tree form than white oaks, making the red oak cheaper and easier to harvest.

White oak is the number eight hardwood flooring trend of 2016, and it is directly tied to trend 9. White oak (as belies its name) is darker than red oak and doesn’t carry the same red undertones the red oak flooring tends to have. With the desire for flooring to go darker and cooler, it is not a surprise white oak is at a high demand for flooring.


Photo:  Armstrong – Northern White Oak   

White oak rates a higher 1360 on the hardwood hardness scale over red oak’s 1290, making it slightly more durable. White oak hardwood flooring may be a better option for high traffic areas like entryways, hallways, and kitchens. Its increased durability means it can also better withstand the possibility of dents, dings, and impact.

We have many more hardwood trends to go, can you guess #7? Come back next week to learn more!

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