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2016 Hardwood Flooring Trend Countdown #7

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Are you following the top nine 2016 flooring trend countdown? Last week we took a look at a trend that has us shifting the types of hardwood.

Hardwood Flooring Trend #7: Grey floors

Grey flooring has seen a big surge in popularity, propelling it to trend #7. You can purchase a variety of flooring options (hardwoods, laminate, luxury vinyl) in different grey shades. But if you currently have hardwoods, you can strip and re-stain your current floors to the grey you desire. The grey palette is usually achieved by mixing ebony and white stains. This can be a more complicated process and should be done by a professional.

There is a large selection of grey hardwood pre-finished floors to choose from today.


Photo:  Preverco – Hard Maple – Sky   


Photo:  Preverco:  Yellow Birch

Next week, we will look at a trend that encourages the open floor plan with trend #6. Don’t miss out!

As you consider all your flooring options, contact your local Nufloors location and speak to a representative that can answer all your flooring questions!

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