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The Hardwood 2016 Flooring Trend Countdown #5

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What do you have in your kitchen? Creating flow in your open concept starts with your flooring.  Check out how to do it with trend #6 from last week.

Hardwood Flooring Trend #5: Ultra blonde

Colour is all over our flooring trend countdown. This week at #5, it is all about the ultra blonde flooring. In contrast to the super dark flooring trend is the ultra blonde, highlighting the natural colour of the wood. This trend is perfect if you are creating a casual feel in your design. It is light and airy and homey. As an added bonus, the ultra blonde wood can be more cost effective because you have fewer steps involved in creating the colouring. It also hides the dirt and pet hair better than a darker flooring might. This ultra blonde colouring is created with a water based poly instead of the typical oil based.  The water based allows for a more natural and more matte look to the finish; whereas, the oil base plays on the yellow in the wood and creates a more yellowed tone.


Photo: Armstrong   


Photo:  Armstrong

Speaking of matte finishes, if you like a less glossy look to your floors, be sure to join us next week with trend #4.

As you consider all your flooring options, contact your local Nufloors location and speak to a representative that can answer all your flooring questions!

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