Nufloors carpets come in very tasty colors!
we have categorized carpet into varying design, proven features and benefits

Twisted fibers create a soft, bouncy, springy feel - great on bare feet. For this reason, the style is sometimes referred to simply as 'twist'.

Frieze (twist) carpet

The modern day “shag”, Frieze’s provide a soft casual style.

A Frieze carpet is a good choice for active areas. The cut pile on this carpet’s yarn is twisted tightly so that the ends actually curl over, resulting in a textured surface with a curly appearance and a hard wearing carpet.

Frieze is characterized by long fibers that have a high twist to them, and it is often referred to as a “twist” carpet.

PROS of frieze (twist) carpet

  • Works well in high traffic areas of your home.
  • Suitable for any room.
  • Great at hiding footprints.
  • Due to its long fibers, Friezes are great at hiding seams.

CONS of frieze (twist) carpet

  • As frieze fibers are long and loose, a spill is free to run everywhere so spills could be harder to tackle. Choose a carpet that has excellent stain resistance.