Nufloors carpets come in very tasty colors!
we have categorized carpet into varying design, proven features and benefits

Looped fibers create a casual appearance and reliable durability. This carpet hides footprints well with rugged looped surface: ideal for high-traffic areas.

Looped carpet

The perfect choice for busy lives and heavy traffic areas in your home.

Loop carpeting, sometimes referred to as Berber, is the work horse of carpets as it hides traffic paths and footprints. Loop carpet is an ideal choice for any home. However, if you have animals in your home, sometimes their nails can snag the carpet fibers and cats can be particulary fond of this carpet as a scratching post. When choosing your carpet, you will see it expressed in weight – ie 35 oz. This refers to the weight, stated in the number of ounces per yard of fiber extending above the primary backing. A typical carpet may have a face weight of 35 to 45 ounces for example.

PROS of looped carpet

  • Durability – because loop pile has no exposed tips, it is especially durable.
  • Suitable for high traffic areas and busy rooms.
  • Easy to clean – Spills are likely to sit on top of the pile due to the looped construction so if you get to the stain quickly, it is likely the stain will not sink into the fiber.
  • Hides footprints/vacuum marks.

CONS of looped carpet

  • Pet nails can snag the loops if the carpet features large loops.
  • Not as soft on your feet as textured, friezes or pattern carpets.