Feng Shui & Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Feel Good in your Home

Spring has arrived, and the world around us is bursting with new life. The trees are budding, flowers are popping out of the ground, and the days are longer and warmer. Perhaps because nature performs its own ritual of spring cleaning and renewal or maybe it is simply tradition – whatever it is, spring cleaning just feels necessary and right.

But what if we took spring cleaning to a new level and added in elements of feng shui into our cleaning rituals? Feng shui is the Chinese thought of how to spatially arrange your spaces in light of the flow of energy.

As you begin to spring clean, include these five elements of feng shui to make your home feel the best and most welcoming!

  1. Open up and air it out. One of the best parts of spring cleaning is simple – opening your windows and letting in the fresh air to scrub out the clinging scents of winter. In feng shui, opening your windows facing east is the traditional practice for best energy flow. Welcome in the spring and freshen up your living space.
Photo by Colin Maynard, Unsplash.com

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Hardwood Floors and Humidity

What you Need to Know

Checking, cupping, and gapping.  These are words you never want to hear when talking about your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are a natural product and are sensitive to humidity as it absorbs and loses moisture when it reacts to its surrounding environment. Keeping humidity levels in check will prevent potential damage to your floor.    Here are images of hardwood floors that have been affected by some form of humidity:  

Checking example:  

Checking consist of fine hairline cracks running along the grain on the surface of the wood flooring.



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Warm Floors for the Winter



Cold weather is on the way and it’s almost time to turn on your furnace, if you have not done so already.   One problem you may find with this dip in temperature is that no matter how warm your house is, your flooring always seems to be a little chilly on your feet. One question that we receive frequently is “I love the look of tile but they are so cold in the winter, how can read more…

Make your hardwood flooring last

If you’ve spent good money making your hardwood floor a focal point in your home, you  will want to make it last. The change of seasons brings unsuspecting dangers to your beautiful hardwood floor such as rocks, pebbles, mud, and dirt. While most hardwood floors may be scratch resistant, they are not invincible  and can only take so much abuse. Here are a few things to keep in mind to protect your wood flooring: read more…

Let’s Talk Subway Tile

Subway tile is simple, elegant, modern and versatile. To sum up, subway tile is whatever you want it to be. Generally, subway tile are small to medium size and rectangular in shape but that’s where general ends. We’ve all seen how great white subway tile look as a backsplash in a kitchen. It is often that little extra something that brings the room together. You can literally pair any decor with white subway tile and have it look great. Now let’s talk about three ways that you can use subway tile to get a non-traditional look in your home.


photo: Maletz Design

Metallic subway tile are making their way into kitchens across North America and for very good reason. read more…