Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

Today you have so many choices for the flooring in your kitchen beyond adding traditional “sheet vinyl”.  You can now choose from Sheet Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl, Laminate, Hardwood, Tile or Cork.  Each offers its own unique benefits. 

Hardwood flooring around a kitchen island

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Warm Floors for the Winter



Cold weather is on the way and it’s almost time to turn on your furnace, if you have not done so already.   One problem you may find with this dip in temperature is that no matter how warm your house is, your flooring always seems to be a little chilly on your feet. One question that we receive frequently is “I love the look of tile but they are so cold in the winter, how can read more…

Let’s Talk Subway Tile

Subway tile is simple, elegant, modern and versatile. To sum up, subway tile is whatever you want it to be. Generally, subway tile are small to medium size and rectangular in shape but that’s where general ends. We’ve all seen how great white subway tile look as a backsplash in a kitchen. It is often that little extra something that brings the room together. You can literally pair any decor with white subway tile and have it look great. Now let’s talk about three ways that you can use subway tile to get a non-traditional look in your home.


photo: Maletz Design

Metallic subway tile are making their way into kitchens across North America and for very good reason. read more…