Cut A Rug

Sophisticated, whimsical, modern. Whatever the look you are going for, area rugs pull together a room – creating a look and feel matching the vibe you want your room to have. We know it can be difficult finding the perfect rug to give the room just the feel you are looking for. You might have looked at hundreds of rugs, but the size or colouring is off. An area rug is a big investment, so you want what you want.


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The 2016 Hardwood Flooring Trend Countdown #3

Super shiny is trending out and  matte is in! Read up on the new sheens in trend #4 from last week: CLICK HERE.

Hardwood Flooring Trend #3: Contemporary with a vintage twist

You might have seen this look in wood furniture at your local coffee shop. It is a modern spin on the old world look of wider planks, more matte and/or wire brushed/hand-scraped finishes. You will also see this look in more of our colour trends, especially the greys.   Today’s new trends in hardwood have depth with the hand-scraped look that have character and interest.  These days you don’t see a lot of shiny flawless looking hardwood floors.  Rustic, imperfections and natural looks are on trend with today’s change to a more relaxed lifestyle.


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The 2016 Hardwood Flooring Trend Countdown #4

If you think blondes have all the fun, visit our hardwood flooring trend #5 and see why it is true for your floors too! CLICK HERE.

Hardwood Flooring Trend #4: Matte and satin finishes

The high sheen floors are trending out and the matte and satin look are in for hardwood flooring trend #4. A lower sheen is great for families and pet owners because the lower sheen shows less dirt, pet hair, and everyday wear and tear. Low sheen floors hide small scratches and dents better than their high gloss counterparts.  What is not to like about that? The satin finish has a small sheen without being overly glossy and tends to be more popular than the matte, which has little to no sheen to it. The good news if you have a semi or high gloss floor and want to change it to a satin or matte finish? It is fairly easy and more affordable that changing the colour of your hardwoods. The finish to the flooring is an aesthetic choice and will not impact its durability.


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