The Hardwood 2016 Flooring Trend Countdown #5

What do you have in your kitchen? Creating flow in your open concept starts with your flooring.  Check out how to do it with trend #6 from last week.

Hardwood Flooring Trend #5: Ultra blonde

Colour is all over our flooring trend countdown. This week at #5, it is all about the ultra blonde flooring. In contrast to the super dark flooring trend is the ultra blonde, highlighting the natural colour of the wood. This trend is perfect if you are creating a casual feel in your design. It is light and airy and homey. As an added bonus, the ultra blonde wood can be more cost effective because you have fewer steps involved in creating the colouring. It also hides the dirt and pet hair better than a darker flooring might. This ultra blonde colouring is created with a water based poly instead of the typical oil based.  The water based allows for a more natural and more matte look to the finish; whereas, the oil base plays on the yellow in the wood and creates a more yellowed tone.


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The 2016 Hardwood Flooring Trend Countdown #6

There are a variety of colour options in our 2016 Hardwood flooring trend countdown. If you are looking for a more rustic vibe, trend #7 is right up your alley.

Hardwood Flooring Trend #6: Hardwood throughout the main living areas

Tile is out in the kitchen, and hardwood is in, making consistent flooring in all main living areas flooring trend #6. With the popularity of the open floor plan, the same flooring throughout the main living area helps to create great flow.  Different flooring can make an open flow concept feel choppy.  Most homeowners prefer to have hardwood in all areas on the first floor (or main living area).  If you have hardwoods in one portion and want to expand it, your Nufloors representative can help you to see if you can match what you have.

Hardwood is easier on your feet, warmer, easier to clean and makes your space look larger.  It improves the value of your home and with proper care and maintenance, it lasts a lifetime.


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2016 Hardwood Flooring Trend Countdown #7

Are you following the top nine 2016 flooring trend countdown? Last week we took a look at a trend that has us shifting the types of hardwood.

Hardwood Flooring Trend #7: Grey floors

Grey flooring has seen a big surge in popularity, propelling it to trend #7. You can purchase a variety of flooring options (hardwoods, laminate, luxury vinyl) in different grey shades. But if you currently have hardwoods, you can strip and re-stain your current floors to the grey you desire. The grey palette is usually achieved by mixing ebony and white stains. This can be a more complicated process and should be done by a professional.

There is a large selection of grey hardwood pre-finished floors to choose from today.


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The 2016 Hardwood Flooring Trend Countdown #8

Are you following the top nine 2016 hardwood  flooring trend countdown? If you missed trend #9, catch up here.

Hardwood Flooring Trend #8: White oak instead of red oak

The majority of hardwood floors are made with oak because of their durability. Traditionally, red oak is the base of most oak hardwoods for one simple reason. Red oaks are more abundant in tree form than white oaks, making the red oak cheaper and easier to harvest.

White oak is the number eight hardwood flooring trend of 2016, and it is directly tied to trend 9. White oak (as belies its name) is darker than red oak and doesn’t carry the same red undertones the red oak flooring tends to have. With the desire for flooring to go darker and cooler, it is not a surprise white oak is at a high demand for flooring.


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The 2016 Hardwood Flooring Trend Countdown #9

With each new year, comes new trends for your home! Now that 2016 is picking up steam, here at Nufloors, we are bringing back the flooring trend countdown. Stay tuned over the coming weeks to see what nine hardwood flooring trends 2016 has in store.

Hardwood Flooring Trend # 9: It just keeps getting darker!


Photo courtesy or Armstrong Floors.


Photo:  Antique Impressions:  Castillo Plank Collection Hickory Hardwood Flooring, in 7″ Cantabria colour

Dark colours for hardwood flooring has been a trend for several years now, but the requests are growing for the colour stains to become increasingly darker and cooler in tone. read more…